Are you in need of professional assistance from a therapist for adult psychotherapy, anxiety issues or depression? Are you having difficulties resolving the emotional problems from past trauma or an end to a relationship? If you are looking for a way to cope with the difficulties of having an illness, social or career issues, then rest assured that you have found the perfect relationship counselor for your needs! Sally Hackman PhD, MFT - Psychotherapy has many years of training, education and practical experience with clients from all over Beverly Hills, CA. I have created a great reputation for myself by being as caring and committed as possible to the community and their needs.

Call a professional therapist from Beverly Hills, CA 90210 at (310) 693-5548

If you want to make sure that you are working with a couples counselor that can help you resolve your issues permanently, then look no further! Sally Hackman PhD, MFT - Psychotherapy is always here for you and ready to give advice and offer expert assistance for any kind of social or emotional issues you are having.

Sally Hackman PhD, MFT - Psychotherapy
Beverly Hills, CA
Phone: (310) 693-5548

You can visit me at:

Sally Hackman PhD, MFT - Psychotherapy is a proven therapist from Beverly Hills, CA 90210

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Working in the strictest confidentiality is one of the most important part of my services. I am a fully qualified Ph.D in Clinical Child Psychology, my work as a marriage counselor has been preferred by many couples and individuals who need an individual and personalized approach as well as expert advice.


The excellent advice and information we received from this child counselor were priceless. My family and I are so thankful to have had the opportunity to spend time with you as we were going through difficult times. Thank you very much for helping us.

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