HandsAre you feeling extremely sad lately? Do you feel like your burden has taken too much toll on you anymore? Don’t hesitate to approach Sally Hackman PhD, MFT - Psychotherapy today. I am a licensed grief counselor here in Beverly Hills, CA. I’m great at listening to your problems and giving you tips on how to cope up with your grief. I know how to make your life a little less sad. So, what can you expect from my counseling? Here are some ideas:

Sally Hackman PhD, MFT - Psychotherapy is top grief counselor in Beverly Hills, CA 90210

  • Listen – If you seek someone you can trust with your problems, you can come to me anytime. I fervently listen to what you want to say and what your problems are. I do not judge you based on your problem. I will try to analyze what you’ve gone through as I listen to your story. Also, you can count me for not disclosing your problems to anyone. Your problem is safe with me. I want to hear you out to keep your mind at ease.
  • Guidance – Whatever you’re going through, I can guide you on the way to healing. I understand your pain and grief right now. If you don’t want to feel it anymore, come to me. I can lead you to where you should be happy and what you should be doing right now. I can help you change your mindset and turn it from negative to positive thinking.
  • Advice – Aside from guiding you, I also have a lot of advice to share with you. If you want to be back to sanity again, listen and follow my advice. I can help you recover. My pieces of advice are based on the experiences I’ve heard from other people. Since I’ve dealt with a lot of problems already, I make sure that my pieces of advice will make you okay soon.

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If you or your friend needs help with grief, you can call on Sally Hackman PhD, MFT - Psychotherapy for guidance. There’s no one in Beverly Hills, CA that you can depend on if you’re looking for a reliable grief counselor. With my 25 years of experience, I’m proud to say that most people here come to me when they need help. Reach me today at (310) 693-5548!