Recovering From a Loss by Professional in Beverly Hills, CA 90210

Each person has their own way of coping with loss. The grieving process is not the same for everyone. Some individuals can cope easily and be okay within a matter of months. For others, the bereavement period is extended. Below are some of the techniques used by a grief counselor to help a client go through that difficult period of their life:

Techniques Used by a Local Grief Counselor in Beverly Hills, CA 90210

Butterfly landed on a handLetting the client talk about the loss
Clients who suffer the loss of a loved one may want to talk about their deceased relatives. A counselor will encourage the patient to talk about the memories they have of their loved ones. Counselors will take the lead of the patient and let them talk as much or as little as they want about the loss.

Separating trauma and grief
If the patient witnessed the death of someone close to them, it can be particularly hard for them to grieve. Their last memory will be quite traumatic. A counselor will help them deal with the flashbacks of that traumatic moment so that they can honor the memory of their deceased loved one without continuously reliving the trauma of witnessing the death.

Dealing with regret or guilt
It’s always hard to be the one left behind. Any type of loss such as a breakup of a relationship or the loss of someone close to you is hard to cope with. A grief counselor or couples counselor will help you through your feelings of guilt or regret for things that could have been done differently.

Call the reliable grief counselor in Beverly Hills, CA 90210

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