When you are experiencing difficulties with your sibling and you want to work on the relationship with your significant other, then feel free to give Sally Hackman PhD, MFT - Psychotherapy a call. You can also check out what my previous clients have to say about my work as a dedicated couples counselor.

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 16 reviews

The excellent advice and information we received from this child counselor were priceless. My family and I are so thankful to have had the opportunity to spend time with you as we were going through difficult times. Thank you very much for helping us.

Excellent Advice

We are now in a better place and have such a positive outlook for the future thanks to this therapist. We are so grateful for everything you did for us. We highly recommend this specialist to anyone.

Thank You

My wife and I were passing through some difficulties in the past due to the loss of our daughter. This grief counselor helped us overcome our problems and we just could not be more thankful for everything she did for us. We will definitely continue to see her as long as needed.

Very Professional

This woman is the best! She is so understanding and patient with us. She can really make sense out of what ever problem you might have. I have had the pleasure of knowing this couples counselor for more than 5 years now and honestly she has helped me so much.

Thank You Very Much

I highly recommend this marriage counselor to anyone in this town. This woman is absolutely amazing. She fit me into her schedule the day after I called to set up an appointment and she was very compassionate and attentive. I will definitely continue visiting her on a weekly basis.

Thank you!

I had never been to a therapist before I first visited you, and I usually don't trust people working in this field, but you really helped me go through all the drama that I recently experienced. I don't want to share here what happened to me, because it was terrible, but I definitely recommend your services to everybody.

You helped me so much!

I witnessed something terrible a month ago, and I couldn't erase the memory of what happened in front of me. This therapist taught me that this is not the way. She really helped me understand why bad things happen and how to deal with them and that memory I have is actually valuable. I feel stable now and even though I don't like to remember about what happened, I'm no longer struggling to forget it.

A Great Therapist!

I have a 7-year-old son and he's hyperactive. I was referred to this child counselor and never really thought she would be of much help, but it was my only option left. Even after 4 or 5 sessions, I could see a huge progress already. I love my boy and I can't find words to describe how thankful I am for all the help. Thank you!

You've been so helpful!

I think that it is unusual for an 8 years old girl to keep wetting her bed. A friend of mine said that it could be a neurological issue and that I should visit a child counselor. I did a little bit of research and found this counselor's website. We've been there just once, but I really liked her attitude and her methods.

I'm so grateful I found you!

I never thought that I would search for a relationship counselor for my daughter, but she's not the same since her last boyfriend. I mean, come on, these kids are 16 and already in depression? I'm so thankful I found your website, my girl is smiling again thanks to you.

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