Mentally ill womanAs people age, the depth of their understanding on life broadens, and at the same time complicates. Most people have accepted problems and struggles as part of life. But for those who haven’t, it tends to disrupt their mental health. This is a wide concern of Sally Hackman PhD, MFT - Psychotherapy here in Beverly Hills, CA today since studies suggest that the need for a therapist is on the rise.

Don’t bottle up your depression and anxiety all to yourself. Know that you have one of the best outlet that you can count on. I can be your own therapist in Sally Hackman PhD, MFT - Psychotherapy who knows exactly what to do with what you’re currently going through. It doesn’t matter it this will be your first time to consult one. Here’s what you need to know about how therapy eases your psychological and emotional well being:

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  • Self Discovery – You think you’ve lost a sense of existence? I will help you rediscover your purpose. Feel free to discuss your emotional issues with me. I assure you comfort that you long to find elsewhere. Take the first step and reach out to someone you can tell your problems to here in Beverly Hills, CA.
  • Coping Mechanisms – After an assessment of your situation, I could give you an advice about coping mechanisms. You will find this helpful throughout your session with me. I have had the experience over my years of practice. I guarantee you all means of mental and emotional healing that you need.
  • Increased Productivity – Don’t get too depressed on what you aren’t capable of doing. Together, let’s make you the better person you’ve always wanted. You should be able to feel good about yourself and what you do.

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There is potential in you more than you know! If you have read on this far, consider it a sign of hope for whatever you feel is bringing you down. I want to help and get to know you more. Get you a mental health therapist today! Call me at (310) 693-5548.